Germany makes plans for a post-Brexit Britain and wants us to still trade with the EU


She is already making plans to keep business going with Britain just hours after it was announced Brits had voted for Brexit.

Boris Johnson has said there is no need to rush the process of leaving the EU but it looks like it needs us as work is already underway to draw up terms.

German business paper Handelsblatt reports Germany wants to offer us ‘associated partnership status’ with other European Union countries.

This is according to an eight-page document entitled “The German strategy regarding a Brexit”, where the finance ministry said it wanted “to offer constructive exit negotiations” with other EU members, and adds it expects the talks between Brussels and London to be difficult.

The precise terms of the “associated partnership status” will depend on the deal hammered out between Britain and the remaining EU members.

It would draw up a framework for co-operation between us and the European Union and could include political, trade, social, cultural and security links.

Germany’s strategy comes after Brussels chiefs demanded Britain get on with leaving the EU.

In a joint statement from Commission President Jean Claude Juncker and EU Council chief Donald Tusk, the PM was urged to invoke Article 50 – effectively Britain’s resignation letter – as soon as possible to kick-start talks over a departure.

They said: “This is an unprecedented situation but we are now united in our response.

“We now expect the United Kingdom government to give effect to this decision of the British people as soon as possible, however painful that process may be.

“Any delay would unnecessarily prolong uncertainty.”

But in his resignation speech earlier today David Cameron signalled the UK would not be in a position to begin divorce negotiations until a new PM is in Downing Street this October.

Britain remains a member of the EU with all the rights – and obligations – until the process of negotiations over the terms of a departure is settled.

Invoking Article 50 begins a two-year period of talks to try and thrash out terms.

Earlier today European Parliament chief Martin Schulz threatened to hit Britain with “consequences” – to show other EU member states they should not follow the UK out of the door.


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